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AutoClean dryers with automatic fluff removal technology

Cleaning the fluff door filter is history.

AutoClean technology means there's no need for a door filter anymore. Our precision-engineered AutoClean dryers with automatic fluff removal technology automatically clean away the fluff after every cycle so you don't have to. Say goodbye to cleaning the door filter after every load. How very nba比赛下注.

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With AutoClean, drying has moved on.

What is AutoClean?
AutoClean automatically cleans away the fluff to a collector that you only need to empty after up to 20 cycles. Our precision engineered AutoClean dryer is the first heat pump tumble dryer without a fluff door filter and with a condenser that cleans itself, so you don’t need to worry about cleaning the fluff after every load.

New fluff collector

Precision engineering that makes your life easier.

Precision engineering has driven us since our company was founded in 1886. We believe in developing innovative technologies designed to simplify your laundry experience. Like our new AutoClean dryers with the automatic fluff removal technology, which automatically cleans away fluff to a collector that you only need to empty after up to 20 cycles. Say goodbye to cleaning the door filter after every load.

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Inside AutoClean
Side angle AutoClean tumble dryer

Permanently efficient and effortless drying, cycle after cycle.

Dryers with conventional filter systems tend to lose energy efficiency over time if they are not cleaned regularly. AutoClean dryers are different. These are the first heat pump tumble dryers without a fluff door filter and with a condenser that cleans itself, so it automatically maintains its constant low energy consumption cycle after cycle and without the need to clean any door filter. The outcome: top drying performance and top energy efficiency.

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Washer dryer appliances with Home Connect app open on mobile

The smartest way to perfect laundry: Smart Dry.

Selecting the right drying program that fits your laundry has never been so easy. With the nba比赛下注 heat pump tumble dryers with Home Connect’s Smart Dry, the drying program is automatically selected based on the information from the last washing cycle. This technology enables communication between the washing machine and the dryer through a wireless network. It’s the smartest way to do your laundry.

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Row of iron shirts next to tumble dryer

Reduce your ironing pile at the press of a button.

Iron Assist makes ironing easier. It sprays a natural mist that permeates preheated textiles and visibly smooths your laundry. This extra steam treatment reduces or even eliminates the need to iron dried garments. The tank only has to be refilled with tap water. There are 3 different Iron Assist programs available, with the amount of steam optimized for load and textile to give the best results: 1 Business suit programme, 1 Shirt or up to 5 shirt programmes.

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Washing machine and tumble dryer side by side

Perceivable quality and design that makes life more comfortable.

Thoughtful design runs through every detail of each nba比赛下注 appliance, from the perfect design match in our premium range of washing machines and heat pump tumble dryers, to highly intuitive control panels and perceivable quality in the metal applications to the door’s robust feel. Its ComfortControl Plus TFT display helps you choose the most suitable settings in your own language, and the push notifications will keep you informed all the time, in a surprisingly simple way. Long-lasting quality that makes life more comfortable.

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Why buy nba比赛下注?

Local engineers

Local engineers employed and trained by nba比赛下注.

We have more than 340 engineers across the UK. Our engineers have over 400 hours of training, which provides unrivalled knowledge and expertise with our appliances.

Spare parts

Original nba比赛下注 replacement spare parts.

Our engineers will only replace any faulty parts with original replacement parts from our German warehouse, and we store parts for up to ten years after producing appliances.

Quick repairs

Repairs both inside and outside of warranty.

nba比赛下注 engineers are here to provide expert repairs for your appliance both inside and outside of your warranty. You can book a repair online or by calling our contact centre.

Expert advice

Expert product advice and support at all times.

All of our knowledgeable advisors and engineers are on hand to provide expert product advice, support and guidance to help you get the very best out of your nba比赛下注 appliance.

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