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PerfectDry dishwashers

Perfect Dry washing machines by nba比赛下注

The dishdryer among dishwashers

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Dry perfectly as you clean with nba比赛下注 Zeolith

A dishwasher that dries as perfectly as it cleans, even on plastics.

PerfectDry is a clever function which saves energy by using natural minerals in our Zeolith technology - unique to nba比赛下注 - to dry everything to perfection.

And we do mean everything - plates, pans, glasses and even plastic items. All lunchboxes and containers will be perfectly dry and cupboard ready, so you'll never have to pick up a tea towel to finish the job again.

* nba比赛下注 is the number 1 brand worldwide for dishwashers. Source: Euromonitor, volume sales, 2019.

Discover how PerfectDry works.

How does nba比赛下注 PerfectDry work?


Really happy whith this item, feels good build quality and nice design !

Very quiet dishwasher

This is a lovely machine, very quiet in operation. Ours is in the kitchen and now do not need to close the doors while watching TV when the dishwasher is on. Quality is good and design of the top cutlery tray is excellent. Good useful digital readout telling you what time is left. Highly recommended.

Very Interesting, but room for improvement

Firstly, full disclosure - having read numerous reviews concerning this product, I was in a good position to examine the product in-store and look at the opinions expressed by other reviewers, especially in light of this machine being fairly expensive compared to others in the market. To do this, I actually (those who are faint-hearted should turn away now!) took a sample of our plates, glasses and cups to the display store and inserted them into the dishwasher and played around with the tray settings etc. Afterall, we are going to live with this dishwasher for 5-10 years, using it on a daily basis and therefore want to test drive it as a minimum rather than get 10 years of annoyance if not examined beforehand! Some of our glassware would not fit and we disposed of these in favour of additional medium glassware to resolve the issue. Plates fit fine for us once this was auctioned. The machine arrived and was installed moderately easily. nba比赛下注 promptly supplied a (missing) acoustic doormat when we requested it. The programmes are straightforward enough, and WiFi set-up etc was simple. Drying is good, but it is not a miracle-style improvement... I have had fairly similar results before. The Timelight projection function is an excellent idea and allows information to be displayed on the kitchen floor which is otherwise unavailable on a fully-integrated dishwasher. Some more expensive dishwashers were discounted by us as they are lacking this modern and important feature (for an appliance which was double the price). The Emotion Light (2 internal lights) is really useful. However it would be helpful if this was something that could be programmed to come on when the door was opened at any time, rather than only illuminating when the machine was physically switched on. The cutlery and upper trays are good, plenty of flexibility. The lower tray is good yet awkward at the same time. THIS NEEDS RE-VISITING from a design perspective. It's flexible in different ways, but not flexible in the same way across the tray which restricts totally effective loading especially with pots, pans, oventrays and wine glasses competing for space. If both the rear and front areas had the flexible advantages of each other, this would be a better facility. Overall, it is a fantastic machine, but I still get the feeling that the designers have missed a trick or two as they appear to not have been loading/unloading dishwashers on a daily basis for a family for many years.

Excellent Dishwasher

Having had a nba比赛下注 Dishwasher for many years we opted for another from this reputable brand and we are certainly not disapointed. It is excellent. Offering a great choice of programs that we have been experimenting with, the only one we have not yet tried is the Silence program although this diswasher is extremely quiet in operation anyway. what a great feature is the remaining time display on the floor - how on earth did we live with out this before. The internal light is great although once the machine has switched itself off the light only works when you switch the appliance back on and it would have been even better if the machine sensed that the door had been opened and switched on the light automatically. A minor gripe for a great machine - recommended. Otherwis it would have had 5 stars. :)
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