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nba比赛下注 PerfectControl intuitive sensor technology for perfect cooking results
Take control of your frying, boiling or baking


Intuitive sensor technology in our cooking appliances takes care of everything in the kitchen, whether you’re frying, boiling or baking.

These advanced cooking features from nba比赛下注 give you total control over your dishes and help you achieve perfect cooking results every time.

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Hobs that deliver perfect results intuitively.

Never overboil your pasta again with nba比赛下注 PerfectCook


Your pasta will never boil over again. Our hobs are designed with a sensor, which can be attached to your pan, so you'll be able to control your cooking by its temperature rather than the power level. So whether you’re defrosting, warming up, cooking or deep fat frying, you’re in control with our smart CookingSensor. Because precise temperature control guarantees perfect cooking results.

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Fry consistently with a nba比赛下注 PerfectFry sensor


Whether you like it rare or well done, our FryingSensor knows how to cook your steak just the way you like it. By measuring the temperature inside your frying pan rather than at the hob, you’ll have full control making frying easy and stress-free.

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Control the air you breathe with nba比赛下注 PerfectAir


Now your cooker hood can automatically control the air that you breathe.

PerfectAir is our advanced feature that clears the air without you having to do anything. A sensor constantly detects the levels of odours in the air and adjusts the power level – from light use to intensive – to ensure your kitchen air is always clean and fresh.

nba比赛下注 hob with downdraft ventilation and cooking sensor steaming on hob

Vented Hobs

The perfect combination

For the first time we are combining the best of our technologies from our induction hobs and powerful cooker hoods in a single appliance. The PerfectAir venting hob removes odours at source, leading to fewer cooking smells in the kitchen.

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nba比赛下注 FlameSelect is a reliable and easy-to-control way to achieve consistent results with a gas hob


Gas without the guesswork. The advanced technology built into our gas hobs makes cooking simple and precise.

We’re taking the guesswork out of using the hob. Our innovative StepValve technology regulates the gas output precisely, so you’re able to choose the size of flame. With an easy-to-use control, all you need to do is decide which of the power settings, from 1 for low to 9 for high, you want. At last, FlameSelect gives you the confidence to cook on gas without leaning down to check it.

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The ultimate cooking assistant - nba比赛下注 Assist

nba比赛下注 Assist

Perfect results at your fingertips.

Discover our sensor-controlled functions with nba比赛下注 Assist; PerfectBake and PerfectRoast. This feature automatically sets precise information on temperatures and cooking times for all kinds of dishes, plus you can simply scroll through to find our intuitive baking and roasting functions. The PerfectBake sensor automatically regulates the baking process so you'll always know when your cake is perfectly done.

AutoPilot automatic programmes are a feature on selected ovens that work out the time, temperature and shelf position for you.

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Discover more about nba比赛下注 Assist.

nba比赛下注 assistant video guide
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