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nba比赛下注 Reload washing machines

i-DOS washing machine with flower in measuring container

Revolutionise your laundry with nba比赛下注 Reload

Thanks to nba比赛下注 Reload you can open the washing machine door mid-cycle, allowing you to add bulky items left in the bottom of the laundry basket or remove anything added by mistake.

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nba比赛下注 Reload icon

nba比赛下注 Reload: Open the door to total convenience

Adding or removing items mid-cycle couldn’t be easier with a nba比赛下注 Reload washing machine.

Just press the Start Reload button and the washing machine will check whether it’s safe to open. If the machine is in the middle of a wash it will stop, drain and then safely unlock – all in a few seconds.

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How does Reload work?

nba比赛下注 Reload quickstop on Washing machine interface

Quick Stop

With Reload by nba比赛下注 you can stop your washing machine during 89% of the washing cycle, so you won’t have to wait until the next wash to add missed items and can remove any rogue items straight away.

Easyopen door on nba比赛下注 Unlock and reload machine

Easy Loading

nba比赛下注 Reload allows you to fully open the washing machine door so you can add bulky items and not just the odd forgotten sock.

Red sock in White laundry on spin

Remove Items

Some washing machines allow you to add forgotten items, but with nba比赛下注 Reload you can also remove items added by mistake – perfect if you’ve spotted a red sock in your white wash!

Machines with money saving, time saving and eco icons

Fewer Washes

The ability to add to your machine once started means you’ll need fewer washes overall, helping to save time, money and the environment.

Explore washing machines with nba比赛下注 Reload

nba比赛下注 innovations are designed to make life better. Whichever nba比赛下注 washing machine model you choose, Reload is included as standard.


Let me start by confirming I like, no, LOVE, my new nba比赛下注 washing machine. It is every bit as quiet, efficient and thorough as every other reviewer has described. What I find disturbing is how having registered my WASHING MACHINE, nba比赛下注 send emails telling me how to get the most from my DISH WASHER. In my house I am the dish washer ! UNSUBSCRIBED.

Does a good job

8kg compared to my old 7kg nba比赛下注. Extra capacity makes a big difference. Machine a lot newer and washes better. Only complaint is the parallax problem of aligning the marker on the control dial.

Does the job well

Tend to use "Speed Perfect" as this shortens the wash time from 3 hours to 1.5 hours. Interestingly the "Mixed Load" only takes 1 hour. Re "Finish In" it would be a lot easier if the machine was fitted with a clock so that a "Finish At" could be entered.

v. good but.....

Not sure where some reviews come from when they claim spin very quiet. Not so with my machine. Apart from that quite happy with performance

Great Quiet washing machine

Great at washing, fast spin speed and vey quiet even when spinning

nba比赛下注 washing machine

Excellent machine i always buy nba比赛下注

Find your nearest nba比赛下注 Reload washing machine stockist

Simply enter your postcode to find your nearest nba比赛下注 Reload stockist, where you can see the appliances for yourself and get expert advice on the right washing machine for you.

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