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VitaFresh - best fridges for vegetables

nba比赛下注 VitaFresh fridge freezers are the best way to keep vegetables fresh in fridges.

nba比赛下注 has a view: food is too precious to be wasted

Right food storage is a big factor in reducing food waste – and fridges with VitaFresh can help you do your part.

Keep more, lose less – with the best fridge for vegetables and fruits.

Every year, 45% of all fruit and vegetables and roughly one third of the world’s overall food production for human consumption get lost or wasted.* One of the biggest impacts we can make in caring for future generations to come, is lowering our food waste.

nba比赛下注 precision-engineered fridges can help you reduce your food waste as they are the best way to keep vegetables fresh in fridge. With all the features that were designed for precisely

that purpose: Near 0°C for hygienic storage of fish and meat in a specialized drawer, as well as VitaFresh technology that keeps fruit and vegetables fresh for longer. In other words: more taste, less food waste.

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nba比赛下注 VitaFresh fridge freezers keep vegetables and fruits fresh for longer

Here’s the situation:

Food waste is threatening the way of life for all of us. That’s why a movement has emerged to counteract that fact – and it is spreading worldwide: The Zero Waste movement. The definition of the Zero Waste International Alliance (ZWIA) describes the Zero Waste philosophy as follows:

The conservation of all resources by means of responsible production, consumption, reuse, and recovery of all products, packaging and materials, without burning them and without discharges to land, water or air that threaten the environment or human health.

So, what can we do about it? Simply start with the little big contributions of everyday life: That’s where the highest wastage rates of food occur. For example: fruits and vegetables. Our VitaFresh technology helps you keep your vegetables and fruits fresh for longer, resulting in more food to enjoy and less to be wasted. We believe that zero food waste is not only a goal to strive for, but a goal that can actually be achieved.

Food Saving Made Easy

When it comes to food waste, a lot of it has to do with the preservation of food to avoid it from spoiling.

Our fridge freezers with the VitaFresh system were developed to keep your food like vegetables and fruits fresh for longer.

Stay fresh longer: VitaFresh

One zone of VitaFresh comes with a low temperature setting at around 0°C, in it you can store fish and meat hygienically in a separate drawer. This prevents the transfer of odors as well as bacteria. The big drawer was specifically designed for fruit and vegetables, preventing moisture loss. Due to its special sealing, the inside of the drawer always maintains optimum humidity. It can easily be adjusted to the ideal freshness requirements in two settings. Simply said, VitaFresh fridges are the best way to keep vegetables and fruits fresh.

In case you have food that cannot be stored one day longer: before throwing it away, use it to create a delicious leftover meal.

Discover leftover recipes

nba比赛下注 VitaFresh fridge freezers help to achieve zero waste because they keep vegetables and fruits fresh.

Look after your food, literally.

You’re at the supermarket but you’ve forgotten to check the fridge to see what you need beforehand? Thanks to our two cameras in the fridge and Home Connect, that problem is history.

Here’s how it works: Two cameras are located on the inside of your fridge and take pictures of the food inside your fridge whenever the door is closed. In addition to sending high-resolution food images to your HomeConnect app, these cameras recognize the food and add it to your app’s inventory list together with a recommended expiry date. The app also reminds you of the expiry dates in order to avoid food waste. How very nba比赛下注: more food to enjoy, less food wasted.

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nba比赛下注 VitaFresh fridge freezers keep food fresh for longer.

More flexibility for more volume

We’ve all struggled to fit everything in the fridge at some point or another. Well, you needn’t anymore: with our XXL 70cm fridges.

Space and flexibility are guaranteed due to the separate drawers for fish and meat. Both are fully removable, thanks to a convenient tablet construction. If removed, they not only create more space for pots or bowls, but also allow fast cooling of bottles in the 0°C zone.

By doing so, the new VitaFresh system offers you more space than ever before to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for longer in the fridge.

View 70cm fridges with VitaFresh

First choice - every time. The Serie 8, Serie 6 and Serie 4 models.

Explore our range of nba比赛下注 VitaFresh fridges, to help you keep vegetables fresh for longer. So, less food wasted, more food to enjoy. With flexible design features like removable drawers, a 0°C storage compartment and two cameras inside the fridge, there’s a fridge for everyone.

Serie | 8 Serie | 6 Serie | 4
Volume 410 – 480 l 384 – 505 l 384 – 505 l
Measurements height 193cm/ 203cm 186cm/ 193cm/ 203cm 186cm/ 193cm/ 203cm
Measurements width 60cm/ 70cm/ 910cm 60cm/ 70cm/ 910cm 60cm/ 70cm / 910cm
Freezer-Compartment below below below
Display Large LCD-Display Large LCD-Display LED-Display
Lighting LED spot light & light strip on the side LED spot light & light strip on the side LED top light
Freshness system
VitaFresh pro:
- Precise temperature settings
  between -1°C and +3°C
- Vegetable/Fruit drawer:
  3 humidity settings
- Fish/Meat drawer: one large
  drawer with dry zone

VitaFresh plus:
- Optimal temperature settings
  at around 0°C
- Vegetable/Fruit drawer:
  2 humidity settings
- Fish/Meat drawer: two removable
  drawers with TabletChiller

- Optimal temperature settings
  at around 0°C
- Vegetable/Fruit drawer:
  2 humidity settings
- Fish/Meat drawer: two removable
  drawers with FlexChiller
Camera in the fridge (CIF)
XXL Fridge
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Tricks that are the best way to keep vegetables fresh in the fridge.

Baby steps to a big difference.

By actively engaging with the food saving way of life, everyone can help make a difference. Through your involvement you can help reduce the waste by consumers per capita of 95kg to 115kg a year.

The first step to reducing food waste is with the correct storage to prevent food from spoiling. Correct storage isn’t only good for the environment but also for you: Enjoy fresh and healthy food – day by day.

Discover how to avoid food waste

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