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nba比赛下注 home appliances with Green Technology inside.

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Responsibility at the touch of a button. nba比赛下注 home appliances.

All nba比赛下注 home appliances are manufactured with particular care for resources. Because we consider environmental sustainability in all areas that we operate. It starts before production and only ends when the packaging material has been recycled. You'll recognise our most energy-efficient models by the "Green Technology inside" logo. You can take responsibility for the environment at the touch of a button as you do the housework. Even our most environmentally-friendly home appliances are uncompromisingly powerful.

Cooking Hood xray interior

With Green Technology inside, we're flying the flag for sustainability.

Around 40% of our patent applications relate to environmental protection and the careful use of resources. Today, our home appliances are amongst the most efficient and economical in the world. That's good for the environment and for your wallet.

Glass of water on graphic table with -59%

We don't do things by halves. Except when it comes to saving water.

Have you ever tried to halve your water consumption? We have. Since 1990, we have been able to cut the water consumption of our appliances by more than half.

Tower of cardboard boxes with graphic of CO2 emission cuts

Ingeniously packed, efficiently transported.

We save resources on transportation too. For example, we pack our dishwashers so efficiently that we can now transport even more products together. This not only reduces packaging material, it also saves on fuel and thereby cuts CO2 emissions.

Tower or metal poles with graphic showing 92% recyclable materials

For us, waste isn't just rubbish.

Collecting and separating the production waste in our factories is done as a matter of course. And now we also recycle 92% of it.

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