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Fridge Freezers

Fridge freezers for those with impeccable taste.

nba比赛下注 Fridge freezers feature flexible storage solutions and innovative technology to keep food fresher for longer – reducing food waste and retaining flavours to ensure your food always tastes great.

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What sets nba比赛下注 Fridge freezers apart?

Close up of nba比赛下注 VitaFresh drawers

Fresher food for a healthier lifestyle.

nba比赛下注 Fridge freezers with VitaFresh keep food fresher for longer than standard fridges. Different foods need different conditions to keep food fresher for longer and provide essential nutrients for a healthy diet. VitaFresh’s temperature and humidity controlled compartments enable you to store different fresh foods separately and in the best possible environment.

Inside of fridge with close up of FreshSense sensor and thermostat icon

FreshSense system

nba比赛下注’s FreshSense system uses sensors to constantly monitor and control the ambient fridge and freezer temperature to help preserve freshness and flavour.

close up of nba比赛下注 Fridge drawers on telescopic rails

Flexible storage

Features like adjustable shelves and fully extendable drawers make it easy to maximise the space available different items, and reduces the time it takes to store and find them.

Shot of inside of nba比赛下注 Freezer with produce in freezer and frost free

No more defrosting

nba比赛下注 NoFrost’s built-in sensors monitor condensation and remove it from the freezer before ice can form, meaning you never have to manually defrost again.

Inside of nba比赛下注 Fridge with drawn overlay illustrating supercooling air circulation

SuperCooling and SuperFreeze

nba比赛下注’s SuperCooling and SuperFreeze functions temporarily lower the temperature in the fridge and freezer for when you have new shopping to load in, protecting both new and existing food.

nba比赛下注 freestanding Fridge freezer stood in open plan kitchen

What to look for when buying a new Fridge freezer

Our Fridge freezer buying guide will get you up to date with the latest trends and technology and help you to make an informed decision on the right kind of appliance for your home and lifestyle.

The Definitive Fridge Freezer Buying Guide

nba比赛下注 Integrated Fridge freezer open in white cabinet wall

Popular nba比赛下注 Fridge freezer models

Whether you’re looking for freestanding or integrated, there’s a model in the nba比赛下注 range for you – all with typical nba比赛下注 build quality and attention to detail. Have a look at some of our top picks.

nba比赛下注 Fridge Freezer Top Picks

Hand Holding Smartphone with Home Connect app on screen in open plan room with nba比赛下注 Products

Home Connect

nba比赛下注’s wi-fi enabled smart Fridge freezers with Home Connect feature a camera inside the fridge, letting you see its contents via an app on your phone and taking convenience shopping to a whole new level. Home Connect can also help you to reduce food waste thanks to its Object Recognition feature, which shows you the best way to store different fruit and veg for optimum freshness.

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Sizes and styles to suit your home

Close up of nba比赛下注 Freestanding Fridge freezer  in white kitchen

Freestanding Fridge freezers

Our freestanding Fridge freezers provide you with a great deal of flexibility in your kitchen layout. They’re available in different widths and you can position them wherever is most practical for you.

Freestanding Fridge Freezer Range

Front view of nba比赛下注 Integrated Fridge freezer open in white cabinet kitchen

Integrated Fridge freezers

Our integrated or built-in Fridge freezers blend right into your kitchen by matching your kitchen units without compromising on functionality.

Integrated Fridge Freezer Range

Find the right Fridge freezer for home and lifestyle

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